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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Seal?

Customers who have complied with the requirements of the vegan product certification scheme can make use of the VEG Argentina seal, with prior approval from the health authority where appropriate according to the certified product.

What is a Certification Seal?

A certification seal is a distinctive that allows identifying those products that have met the requirements of the certification scheme established by the entity that grants it.

How important is the Veg Argentina seal?

The Veg Argentina Seal confers an Attribute that differentiates its products from others of the same characteristics, it gives the Consumer confidence that the certification is carried out by an Independent Third Party and therefore the product complies and will comply with the Vegan Attribute as long as the client maintains your certification.

What support does the VEG Argentina seal have?

VEG Argentina is a seal developed by LIAF Control, for the certification of vegan products in the voluntary field of product certification, based on the ISO 17030 Standard, by which the VEG Argentina Seal indicates that the product subject to conformity assessment (certification) conforms to the specified requirements.

How to obtain the VEG Argentina seal?

To obtain the seal, it is necessary to complete the following certification stages:
– Certification application
– Acceptance of Commercial Proposal
– Evaluation of inputs, additives and adjuvants used
– Audit
– Granting
– Certificate and Scope

What are the benefits of certifying a product with the VEG Argentina seal?

Provides differentiation to the producer and confidence to the consumer

What differentiates a product with the VEG Argentina seal from other self-proclaimed vegan products?

Products labeled with the VEG Argentina seal are backed by the certification of an independent entity that issues it, while there may be other self-styled vegan products that, although they may be effectively vegan, do not have the guarantee of a third party to certify it.