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Internal Survey of Veg Argentina reveals the growth of this consumption in the country: 78.3% of the companies consulted allocate their vegan products in the local market

By the end of 2021, 70 companies obtained the certification of the VEG Argentina seal. There are 1,744 vegan products from 425 commercial brands. The wine and alcoholic beverages segment leads vegan certification, with 82.6% of certified companies.

BUENOS AIRES, January 6, 2022.- VEG Argentina, the first certification seal for vegan products in Argentina created in 2019, has 1,744 products from different mass consumption brands. Like every year, since its inception, it conducts a survey among its clients to understand the evolution, assessment and new needs of a constantly evolving market.

The survey was carried out in October of this year, and 23 companies that generate certified vegan products under the VEG Argentina seal participated. Currently there are 70 companies that use this seal. They are dedicated to the mass production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food, personal hygiene products, even cosmetics and clothing.

“Since the creation of VEG Argentina in 2019 as the first vegan certification seal in the country, we have seen an increase in interest in the certification of vegan products through a program that guarantees that condition through the certification of an independent third party,” said Ana Cherasco, responsible for VEG Argentina. “Certification of vegan products is a means of differentiation that will continue to grow as companies realize that consumers increasingly demand more transparency and reliable information about the composition and preparation of the products they consume.”

Main results of the survey:

Reason for certification:
47.8% of the companies consulted indicated that customer demand was the main factor for certifying their products with the vegan seal, while 43.5% attributed it to the possibility of provide guarantees to the consumer.

Differential: More than 90% of the companies considered that the vegan seal provides their certified products with a quality differential.

Internal market: 78.3% of those consulted sell their products in the internal market. Online stores are the main sales channel (65.2%) of these certified products in the country: 65.2% use online channels. 56.6% of those surveyed also use supermarkets as a sales channel and 39.1% incorporate healthy stores or stores.

External market: 73.9% of the companies consulted sell their certified vegan products abroad. The European Union (69.6%) and the United States (60.9%) were mentioned as the main destinations, followed by Brazil and the United Kingdom (30.4%) and Mexico (13%).

Alcoholic beverages: The wine and sparkling wine segment leads vegan certification, with 82.6% of certified companies. The main destinations abroad for certified vegan wines and sparkling wines are the countries of the European Union, Brazil and the United States.


About VEG Argentina

Created in 2019, VEG Argentina is the first vegan product certification seal in Argentina, which guarantees compliance with the vegan product certification scheme developed by LIAF Control.

Its objective is to evaluate the process of making vegan products to grant their certification as an independent body, generating a differential for certified brands and consumer confidence.

The VEG Argentina seal was developed by LIAF Control, an Argentine company that provides inspection and certification services to producers in the agribusiness sector. The certificates issued by LIAF Control allow producers to sell their products in a differentiated way in the domestic market and export them to the United States, the EU, Chile, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia, among other countries.

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